The Plank - Butternut

The Plank - Butternut

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This is The Plank. 

With routed well for rolling. 

The sides have a beveled bottom with a small bead around the top side. 

Eco friendly water base finish will last a lifetime and is easy to clean.


They measure 15” long by 5” wide, perfect for on the go. 


They have small rubber feet so as not to slide around on the surface it’s sitting on. 


Signed and dated by Robert. 


The distribution range of J. cinerea extends east to New Brunswick, and from southern Quebec west to Minnesota, south to northern Alabama and southwest to northern Arkansas.[4] It is absent from most of the Southern United States.[5] The species also proliferates at middle elevations (about 2,000 ft or 610 m above sea level) in the Columbia River basin, Pacific Northwest; as an off-site species. Trees with 7 ft or 2.1 m (over mature) class range diameter at breast height were noted in the Imnaha River drainage as late as January 26, 2015.