Welcome to the Bronx


Leaf & Wood - What year do you consider that you started taking writing serious? 

EDO - 2013 I really took graff serious after seeing my name while driving, walking, taking a train, or bus got me hype to see my name more then other ppl was noticing me.

Photo: EDO

Leaf & Wood - What is your state of mind right now?

EDO - My state of mind right now is focusing on me and my family making sure we all good and safe.


Leaf & Wood - Where did the nickname El Super come from?

EDOAhhh the nickname El Super lol I hit a lot of roof spots and most of the times they are cherry poppers meaning a fresh spot and ppl would ask me how tf I got up there I would literally tell people I got the keys I'm El Super.


Leaf & Wood - When you first started going hard, did you do it with the intention to gain respect from other writers, or do you think you were just out there for the rush and fun of it?

EDO - My intentions when I first started was to just go in for the love of it and to represent my Borough, The South Bronx, ppl didn’t show me love how I thought it would be, but it is what it is I’ve earned my respect.


Leaf & Wood - Does cannabis play a role in your creative process, before, during, after?

EDO - Oh hell yeah weed is everything to me in what I do before and after I paint I smoke lol when I’m drawing I smoke it puts me in the mood like some kind of state of mind heavy on the indica lol.


Leaf & Wood - I've seen some your work done at Spider Man heights, when you’re up there, just starting your outline, what’s going through your mind to keep chill and calm and not dwell on the thought of falling?

EDO - My good ole ladder you know, at times it takes me a few minutes just to adjust to the height all I’m thinking about is finishing up. I try not to think about the falling part but you do.


Leaf & Wood - Blunts or joints?

EDOBlunts all day. Preferably Backwoods.


Leaf & Wood - Which writer, today or from the past, deserves more credit than they get?

EDO - Gotta give the new cats painting and making a name for themselves more credit. I didn’t get it, but I wasn’t dumb, some new heads need like to talk someone to let them know, this is how you paint, these are the rules and so on.



Leaf & WoodIf EDO had their own brand cannabis genetics, what would your strain be called?

EDO - lol my own strain would be called Edo Muenster, like the cheese 😎.