Photo - Leaf & Wood
"Cern, a native of New York City currently based in Brooklyn, got his start writing graffiti in the early nineties.  Continued development as a visual artist and musician finds Cern painting murals and exhibiting works throughout South America, Europe and South Africa. Cern’s work has also been featured at the San Diego Museum of Art, Museu Brasileiro De Escultura in Sao Paulo, and Los Angeles MOCA." 




 "Cern is the type of artist whose life and craft are intensely intertwined. The wall or canvas act as an expression of a much deeper, layered mantra and perspective on how to go through life. There is something carefree, lucid and free flowing about his work which easily doubles as an explanation of the man himself. His art comprises of both abstract, smooth, blended lines with elements of clearly defined edges and imagery. Comparisons to his life philosophies are self evident; thoughtful, determined and somewhat clear but still open to speculation, critique and evolution. Cern favors imagery of women, animals and abstract shapes and forms but is not confined to only these elements. His style is strong and consistent, albeit hard to pin down. You can spot his work easily, however defining it is more of a challenge.

Born and raised in Queens, Cern is a lifelong New Yorker hailing from a New York family. The impact of the city, while undeniable, is hard to pinpoint. Cern’s relationship to the city is complex. Although a familiar place, he feels as though he is not “a certain kind of comfortable here. I feel like I’m traveling often here, even if I’m here for months without leaving. But other times nothing changes.

Through his work Cern tries to put a new perspective on this environment, an attempt to self express in a place that is constantly impacting this very process." - Jared Levy